Maria and Ricardo's Tortillas perfect for Original Mexican Tacos

This local company makes a million Made in Mass. tortillas every day

Maria and Ricardo's focuses on using clean ingredients and making tortillas for many dietary needs.

Canton is home to a local company that makes 1 million tortillas per day. Maria and Ricardo’s focuses on making healthy tortillas that serve a list of dietary needs.

In addition to their corn and wheat tortillas, they also make versions that are gluten-free, organic, and keto-friendly.

“We always have this belief that no tortilla lover should be left behind,” said Cheque Montemayor, the CEO of the company.

Several 500-pound mixing bowls prepare the dough, in what’s called a small batch operation. The dough is then distributed through an automated process, in place of the old system which was labor-intensive.

“In the old days you would grab a piece of the dough and you would create a little ball,” Montemayor said.

The company focuses on clean and simple ingredients and a good tortilla experience.

“It needs to fold, it needs to be able to wrap the ingredients, it shouldn’t break and it should meet your nutritional needs without compromising on taste,” Montemayor said. “So all of that for us is ‘mucho goodness’.”