In 1986, Maria and Ricardo, two cousins from Mexico, came
to Boston driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. They had
a passion for good food, a desire to learn and try new
things and a common dream of starting a new business.

Maria and Ricardo's tortilla goodness
Maria and Ricardo's wholesome and delicious tortillas

While they fell in love with Boston and the American lifestyle, they couldn’t help but miss a little taste from Mexico. Specifically, the tortillas from their hometown. The local Boston tortillas would crumble easily, were full of preservatives and had a sour taste. So a business idea was born! Maria and Ricardo decided to embark on a mission to introduce the wholesome and delicious tortillas from their childhood to their new American community.

Determined to fix the ‘Boston Tortilla Problem’, they traveled
back to Mexico to learn more about the tortilla trade. Upon
their return, they set up a small, artisanal tortilleria in Jamaica
Plain, a small neighborhood in the city of Boston, and soon
after, brought to market one of the first All Natural and
Organic Tortillas on the East Coast (and perhaps in the US).

All Natural and Organic Maria and Ricardo's Tortillas
tostada made with Maria and Ricardo's Tortillas
Maria & Ricardo’s tortillas were an immediate success with local consumer and restaurateurs as they managed to perfectly balance the taste, texture and ingredient simplicity of traditional tortillas with the trends and quality standards the local market demanded.
Today, the legacy that Maria & Ricardo started 35 years ago continues to grow—from family to family, chef to chef, town to town and state to state. Since our beginnings as a tortilleria in Jamaica Plain, we have never stopped innovating, always rooting our recipes in tradition while exploring new ways of sharing our tortilla goodness with more people.
wrap made with Maria and Ricardo's Tortillas
Tacos made with Maria and Ricardo's Tortillas

Through this journey, our family of products has expanded to serve a wide variety of needs, styles, and nutritional standards without compromising taste and quality. Everything we bake has been crafted with one common goal, to offer a wholesome & delicious tortilla, baked just for you.

Maria & Ricardo’s.