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"Maria and Ricardo’s Almond Flour KETO Tortillas Suit a Variety of Diets"

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— May 4, 2021 — Lifestyle

The new Almond Flour KETO Tortillas from Maria and Ricardo’s help to support not just keto dieters but also gluten-free and low-carb diet plans. The colorfully packaged products can be found in varieties like Flax & Seeds, Sea Salt and Everything Seasoning, and they share formulas that boast just four net carbs and no artificial ingredients.

Made with alternative flour, the low-carb tortillas are also free from grains, soy, dairy and eggs. As Ezequiel “Cheque” Montemayor, Chief Executive Officer of Maria and Ricardo’s Tortillas, describes, “People continue to look for better-for-you food options that meet their dietary needs and so we created a new tortilla line based on a proprietary almond flour recipe with three different flavor combinations for this delicious low-carb KETO tortilla.” The tortillas have the potential to be enjoyed either hot or cold.