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"Best Gluten Free Tortillas for Burritos, Wraps, and More"

The best gluten free tortillas are corn tortillas—full stop. If gluten is your body’s enemy but you really love tacos, corn tortillas, be they crunchy or soft, are your friends. Corn tortillas do have their limitations, however. They’re not as pliable as flour tortillas, which means they don’t really work all that well for burritos. And sometimes you’re just in the mood for the pleasant chew and neutral flavor of flour. That’s where our ranking of the best gf tortillas comes in …

I tasted a lot of gluten free tortillas and wraps, and let me tell ya, a lot of them aren’t just bad, they’re downright gross—chalky, strange, chemically tasting. I had to spit out bites of tortilla more than once during this taste test. Worse, some of the gluten free tortillas you find at specialty stores are expensive. I separated the (wheat-free) wheat from the chaff so you don’t have to.

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best gluten-free tortillas aldi

Best Sturdy

Live G Free Original

Budget grocery stores don’t have a tendency to cater to people with specific dietary needs, so big ups to Aldi for selling gluten-free products that taste good and won’t break the bank. These Live G Free wraps aren’t tortillas by name, but they’re big, pleasantly pliable, and will absolutely work as a stand-in if you’re making a gf burrito. They’re made with tapioca starch, rice flour, and pea protein, which absolutely means they diverge from flour tortillas in terms of flavor, but once they’re stuffed with savory fillings, I hardly think you’ll notice. Really not a bad option at all—nice work Aldi!

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7.5/10 SPORKS

best gluten free tortilla spinach

Best Seasoned Runner-Up

Live G Free Spinach

Aldi’s other gluten free “tortilla” option is this green spinach wrap that packs a lot of flavor. As soon as you open the bag, you get whiffs of dill, spinach, and garlic. Personally, I like that the big flavors baked into the wrap mask any aftertaste from the alternative flours used to make them, but I understand they’re probably too much of a departure from a plain ol’ flour tortilla for most people’s purposes. But I do think this would be great stuffed with veggie burrito fixings or, better yet, or chicken or tuna salad.

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best gluten free tortillas

Best Sweet

BFree Sweet Potato Wraps

If you don’t like the flavor of sweet potatoes, g’head and skip to the next entry on our list (or the one after that if you don’t like spinach either). But I much prefer the flavor of slightly sweet root vegetables (these also contain carrot and beetroot) to the flavor of some of the alternative flours used in other tortillas. Hell, I’d even double down on the sweet potato factor—stuff these with black beans and sauteed cubes of sweet potato spiced with cumin, and, woof, that’s a good-ass dinner. Flavor aside, these wraps’ greatest strength is texture. They bend and roll without breaking. If you can handle sweet potato as a dominant flavor, give these gluten free tortillas a shot.

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8.5/10 SPORKS

Best Seasoned

Mission Gluten Free Spinach Herb

Much like the Live G Free Spinach Wraps, these spinach-herb tortillas from Mission pack a lot of flavor. They taste like dried herbs and have that nice vegetal flavor from the spinach, kind of like the green chips in a bag of veggie chips. Mission’s original gf tortillas ranked higher, but I will say that I think these have a slightly less mushy consistency, which is nice. The pliability is on point—they bend without breaking. Load up one of these with some veggie chorizo and veggie cheese shreds, and have a blast.

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best gluten free tortillas

Best Soft

Mission Gluten Free Original

In terms of taste and texture, these Mission tortillas were a very close second to the best gluten free tortilla on our list. They’re also way more accessible, so bonus points for that, too. They’re made with modified food starch, rice flour, vegetable shortening, and some tapioca and millet flours. It all adds up to create a very neutral flavor. This is the best gluten free tortilla if you want a wrap that really serves as a blank canvas. The best thing about these is how nice and soft they are. They seem pretty true to a Mission tortilla made with wheat flour.

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9.5/10 SPORKS

best gluten free tortillas

Best of the Best

Maria and Ricardo’s Quinoa Flour Tortillas

These tortillas from Maria and Ricardo’s rule, but might be slightly harder to find (we sourced ours from Sprouts). They’re made with quinoa flour and avocado oil, and are also dairy, soy, and egg free. You know how quinoa has an earthy flavor? That really comes through when you first take a bite, but then it kind of mellows as you chew. They start to taste almost like a soft pretzel! They’re nice and sturdy, but still pliable. That said, if you like a super soft tortilla, I’d recommend going with Mission.

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10/10 SPORKS