Tortillas For Everyone

Tortillas are among life’s greatest joys. That’s why we believe that nobody (and we mean nobody) should miss out on the tortilla experience. Whether your dietary outlook calls for corn, flour, organic, gluten-free, grain-free or keto, Maria & Ricardo’s goes the extra mile to ensure no tortilla lover is ever left behind.

Simple and wholesome ingredients are a good thing. Being delicious is also a good thing. But what good is a wholesome and delicious tortilla if your diet or body says you can’t enjoy it? At Maria & Ricardo’s, we turn the goodness dial up to “mucho.” So you don’t have to choose between wholesome goodness. Or delicious goodness. Or better-for-you goodness. Here, you can have ALL the goodness in a single tortilla.

Go ahead, dig in as mucho as you want!

Maria and Ricardo’s
Mucho Goodness



We have a functional line of products certified as Paleo, a diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans during the Paleolithic era


Our Keto products are part of an effort to offer low carb products for individuals following the Ketogenic diet and improving the quality of available Keto diet products on the market.

Minority Business

We are certified as a minority supplier by the New England Minority Supplier Development Council. Our company is committed to fostering business and professional development based on principles of diversity and equal opportunity.


Maria and Ricardo’s is committed to produce, store and handle our products in ways that are safe to our customers. Our tortilla factory comply with regulatory guidelines. We are SQF Level II achieving high scores to provide excellence to our customers.

NonGMO Project Verified

Our products are made with Non-GMO ingredients and some of them are certified as Non-GMO Project Verified.

Certified Organic

We offer an extensive organic tortilla product line that meets the Organic requirements to be USDA Certified Organic.

Gluten Free

Certified Within our products lines, we have a certified gluten-free tortilla offering.

Whole Grain

Consistent with the spirit of wellness, our whole wheat products bear the Whole Grain Council seal. They have at least 50% whole grains and are considered a good source of Whole Grains.


Our products are Certified Star K. We ensure our ingredients and processes meet the Star K standards.


Our products are Vegan as part of an effort to support an integral lifestyle and respect for animal life. The vegan “way of life” brings numerous benefits to the environment, animals, personal health and lifestyle, which is consistent with our values.