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Maria & Ricardo’s makes wholesome and delicious tortillas baked with Mucho Goodness. They are carefully crafted for a variety of needs, styles, and nutritional standards without compromising taste and quality. The company was founded in 1986 by cousins Maria and Ricardo, who were pioneers in developing and launching to market delicious tortillas by using real, simple and wholesome ingredients. The brand has always been passionate about innovating, rooting its recipes in tradition while exploring new ways of sharing its tortilla goodness with consumers and restaurateurs. The Maria and Ricardo’s team is committed to the principle that No tortilla lover should ever be left behind!

Maria and Ricardo's wholesome and delicious tortillas

Foodservice Tortilla Segment

Maria and Ricardo’s has been baking tortillas and wraps for the foodservice segment for 35 years. Since the early days, our tortillas have managed to perfectly balance the taste, texture and ingredient simplicity of traditional tortillas with the trends and quality standards the foodservice segment requires.

Our Foodservice Tortilla Products:

  • We offer a full line of flour, corn and specialty flour tortillas for all foodservice segments.
  • All of our products are non-GMO, Vegan & Kosher, contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. They’re filled with nothing except Mucho Goodness!
  • We have the most extensive assortment of clean label and organic products to meet your menu needs.
  • Our tortillas range in size from 4” to 12”. Most of our larger-sized tortillas are unique to the market.
  • The performance of our tortillas is best-in-class, and they’ll meet your highest standards. They won’t break, crack, stick or seep. They’ll stand up to the toughest hot or cold recipes.
  • Some nutritional highlights available in several of our products include:
    • Low Carb
    • Lower Sodium
    • Non-Hydrogenated Oils
    • Non-GMO, Organic and Clean Label
    • Gluten Free Certified and Grain Free
    • Paleo and KETO Certified
    • Vegan, Vegetable Servings and Plant Based

We have a wide network of distributor partners, including:

DOT FOODS, SYSCO, US FOODS, PFG, Reinhart, UNFI, KeHe and many others.

Our Foodservice Tortilla Products:

  • Mexican Food Restaurants / Taco Trucks / Taquerias
  • Quick Service Restaurants (National Multi-Unit Chains to Single-Unit Operators)
  • Casual/Fine Dining Restaurants (National Multi-Unit Chains to Single-Unit Operators)
  • Colleges & Universities (and NACUFS Members)
  • K-12 Schools & Camps
  • Hospitals, Healthcare, Assisted Living
  • B&I, Manufacturers, Caterers
Maria and Ricardo's Tortillas perfect for Organic Gluten Free Tacos


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