Maria and Ricardo's Keto Almond Flour Tortillas

Maria and Ricardo’s Almond Flour KETO Tortillas Suit a Variety of Diets

The tortillas have the potential to be enjoyed either hot or cold

The new Almond Flour KETO Tortillas from Maria and Ricardo’s help to support not just keto dieters but also gluten-free and low-carb diet plans. The colorfully packaged products can be found in varieties like Flax & Seeds, Sea Salt and Everything Seasoning, and they share formulas that boast just four net carbs and no artificial ingredients.

Made with alternative flour, the low-carb tortillas are also free from grains, soy, dairy and eggs. As Ezequiel “Cheque” Montemayor, Chief Executive Officer of Maria and Ricardo’s Tortillas, describes, “People continue to look for better-for-you food options that meet their dietary needs and so we created a new tortilla line based on a proprietary almond flour recipe with three different flavor combinations for this delicious low-carb KETO tortilla.” The tortillas have the potential to be enjoyed either hot or cold.

Trend Themes

1. Alternative Flour – The trend of using alternative flours (such as almond flour) in food products could disrupt the traditional wheat flour market.
2. Low-carb Diet Plans – The trend towards low-carb diets is creating disruption opportunities for food companies to develop products catering to this growing consumer demand.
3. Gluten-free Products – The trend for gluten-free food products continues to grow, creating opportunities for companies to create innovative and tasty products to meet the demand.
Industry Implications
1. Food Retail – The food retail industry can benefit from these low-carb tortillas as there is a growing demand for low-carb options in stores.
2. Health and Wellness – These low-carb tortillas appeal to the health-conscious consumer, creating disruption opportunities for the health and wellness industry.
3. Food Manufacturing – The development of alternative flour foods such as these low-carb tortillas could create disruption opportunities in the food manufacturing industry.