Eclectic Fall Finds: Loveliness Right Where I Am

With just a couple of days before it is officially FALL, maybe you have already begun gathering ingredients that signal the season’s change.

There is definitely some autumn sprucing that needs to happen ’round here soon. Plus, I need to do a bit of gardening, weeding, and yard work before it snows. And where I live, that could be next week! I also need to shop for warm socks and stock the cupboard with parchment paper, dried goods, and baking supplies. Below you will find an eclectic mix of good things on my radar so let’s chat.

Mulling Spices - Williams Sonoma. #mullingspices #mulledcider
Will hot tea or hot cider soon be replacing your iced coffee? Honeycrisp apples from the orchard have already moved into our frig, and it’s time to buy more!
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I independently selected products in this post—if you buy from one of my links, I may earn a commission.

Eclectic Fall Finds to Discover

I know this assortment is rather random!

Eclectic Fall Finds - Hello Lovely Studio

1. Mama Hoodie
2. Pepper Pong Set
3. Mulling Spices & Ball
4. Facial Massage Roller
5. Almond Flour Tortillas
6. ZoomBroom Golf Breeze

Spices on the Air

Is there anything quite so fragrant in Fall as cinnamon, cloves, allspice and orange?

Mulling spices and hammered spice ball - Williams Sonoma. #mullingspices #mulledspices
Mulling Spices & Ball

So yummy simmering on the stove with orange slices and cranberries!

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At Home Facial Massage & Treatment

What a blessing that I stumbled on this incredible facial roller invented by world-renowned aesthetician Joanna Czech! I have been using it nightly not just to promote circulation, work in skincare products, and soothe, but as a tool to ease symptoms of a condition I have called Raynaud’s Phenomenon. I’m a perfect example of why it’s important to address and tailor treatments to the condition of the skin as opposed to simply identifying as a particular skin type (i.e. dry skin or mature skin).

Raynaud’s interferes with the blood flow to my extremities including the skin on my face. Joanna Czech’s brilliantly designed Facial Massager performs drainage, speeds up circulation, brings oxygen to the tissue, and ushers in lovelier skin! Nightly massage (just 7 minutes!) can also lift the brows and jawline as well as emphasize the cheekbones.

Joanna Czech Minis Edit Kit - skincare products in convenient travel-sized containers from Kim Kardashian's facialist. #joannaczech #skincareroutine
Joanna Czech Skincare Minis Edit Kit

I knew any skincare products with Joanna Czech’s name on them would be exceptional, and if her Minis Edit Kit is any indication, oh my! They sent over a press sample, and my skin loves these serums and balms.

Joanna Czech The Facial Massager - a titanium tool used by Kim Kardashian's facialist. #joannaczech #facialmassager
Joanna Czech Facial Massager

Before you dismiss this titanium Facial Massager as just another gimmicky gadget, you may want to add it to your wish list for Santa. As a facialist to the biggest stars in Hollywood, Czech says it is the most important step that we can now do at home. Use it while you’re in bed as I do. I especially like to use it on my “elevens” and along the jawline. Additionally, when I massage the delicate areas above and below my mouth (the design is perfect to stimulate these areas), stiffness that develops intermittently as a result of my Raynaud’s is eased.*

As the temperatures cool and turn extreme, I am now better equipped to get relief from self-massage in my cozy bed as I watch Hulu or Netflix.

Joanna Czech Minis Edit Kit - skincare products in convenient travel-sized containers from Kim Kardashian's facialist. #joannaczech #skincareroutine
Minis Edit Kit – Joanna Czech

*When Raynaud’s flares and affects my face, it is as if the skin hardens around my mouth, making eating and talking uncomfortable. The gentle pressure of the cool titanium is the sweetest relief.

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Timeless Roses All Year Long

While mums and fall arrangements get all the love in Fall, I tend to have eyes only for roses.

Juliet Rose Bouquet - Grace Rose Farm. #pinkroses #gardenroses
Juliet Rose Bouquet, Grace Rose Farm

The most beautiful ones I have ordered online are from Grace Rose Farm, and there are always lovely varieties in bloom from which to choose.

Random Lovely House Tour

So many house tours are located on the coasts so it’s always fun to peek inside homes closer to where I live.

Pepper Pong

Is it mini pickleball on any surface? Quiet ping pong? A simple new portable game to bring the generations together? Oui! Yes, and yes. Imagine having this set for visiting children!

Pepper Pong - full set. #minipickleball #pickleball #pingpong
Pepper Pong Full Set

Think about it. A game that works outside as well as indoors since you only need a flat surface for the 10-second set-up? Genius. I am going to be recommending this game to everyone as the perfect family holiday gift for 2023.

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For Golfers & Homebodies

I already shared some info about my ZoomBroom with you over the summer (used it everyday to blow leaves and debris off our front porch!), and this version will fit in your golf bag:

Zoom Broom Golf Breeze for golf, pickeball court, RV, porch, cleanup and more.
Zoom Broom Golf Breeze

I’ll share photos of our actual Golf Breeze soon when the leaves fall and my husband begins relying on this cordless wonder.

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Cozy Hoodie

Here’s a sweet hoodie that caught my attention on Jennifer Meyers’ site. I was actually browsing her “mama” jewelry pieces and thought it was perfect for sweater weather.

Mama hoodie, Jennifer Meyer. #hoodies
Mama Hoodie, Jennifer Meyer

Healthy Fall Sandwiches & Tacos

While I miss sandwich bread now that I avoid gluten, these tortillas are a great substitute. When you need a gluten-free, grain-free, low-carb tasty wrap for a sandwich or salad, Maria & Ricardo’s delivers the deliciousness.

Yes, most certainly, they are more expensive than flour and corn tortillas on the grocery store shelves. But for good reason.

If you’re following a gluten-free diet because of allergies or intolerance, then flour tortillas are off-limits. Frankly, my husband and I get so tired of corn varieties! And of course, if you’re paying attention to histamines (as I have to!) and looking for healthier alternatives, wraps made from almonds make a lot of sense. Almonds are pricier so it makes sense these nutritious wraps cost a little more.

But are they yummy? And which flavor do we prefer? Try the sea salt! I pop mine in the toaster to warm it when I don’t feel like firing up the cooktop.

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Did You Miss These Finds?

Natural, pretty and classic fall finds for home - Hello Lovely Studio,

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2. Green Paint Color
3. Scallop Rattan Tray
4. Seagrass Produce Bowls
5. Chinoiserie Pillow Covers
6. French Striped Cotton Napkins
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Thanks so much for taking this random parade for a spin, make sure to get your Fall Vibes fix in THIS and THIS.

Hello Lovely European country bedroom with Stikwood shiplap (Hamptons), Zuma rug, Montara pillow on bed (Amber Lewis x Loloi) and Belgian linen chair. #europeancountry #romanticbedrooms

1. Stikwood (Hamptons, White)
2. Paint Color
3. Montara Pillow
4. Cashmere Throw
5. Amber Lewis Zuma Rug
6. Slipcovered Chair
7 Bedding
Peace to you right where you are.